Isabelle Ramdoo

Member, Economic and Trade Cooperation Programme (ETC), European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)

Isabelle Ramdoo is a Member of the Economic and Trade Cooperation Programme (ETC) at the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM), in Maastricht. Before joining ECDPM in November 2009, she was a Trade Policy Analyst in the International Trade Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Cooperation in Mauritius. She was extensively involved in the EPA Negotiations, as part of the Mauritian technical negotiating team, in particular in Trade in Goods, and more recently in investment and trade in services, in the Eastern and Southern Africa region. She was also closely involved in the regional integration process, in particular in negotiations on COMESA Services. Prior to that, she was also an economist at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in Mauritius. She was also an intern at the WTO, in the Institute of Training and Technical Cooperation, where she developed guidelines for conducting needs assessments for technical assistance and training. Isabelle holds a "Maitrise Adminstration Economique et Sociale, Mention Commerce et Affaires Internationales" from the University of Montpellier III, France.

Bridges news

25 октября 2016
Какими стратегиями могут воспользоваться страны с низким уровнем доходов для перестройки своей экономики и диверсификации производства? Автор этой статьи рассказывает о трех видах промышленной политики, подробно рассматривая факторы успеха каждой из них. Промышленная политика играет значительную...