Jonathan Hepburn

Senior Programme Manager, Agriculture

Jonathan HEPBURN is the Senior Programme Manager, Agriculture at the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development in Geneva. He joined ICTSD in 2006, where he is responsible for the organisation's work on how farm trade policy and rules affect food security, equity and the environment. He has previously worked on development financing as Oxfam International’s representative to the World Bank and IMF in Washington, D.C.; and on trade, development and human rights issues with the Quaker United Nations Office, Geneva. He has written on a range of public policy and trade issues, including on development financing, intellectual property rules, climate change, and food, agriculture and biodiversity.

Selected publications:

Trade, Food Security and the 2030 Agenda”. Díaz-Bonilla and Hepburn. 2016.


Evaluating Nairobi: What Does the Outcome Mean for Trade in Food and Farm Goods?” Hepburn and Bellmann (eds). 2016. 


"Tackling Agriculture in the Post-Bali Context: A Collection of Short Essays". Meléndez-Ortiz, Bellmann, and Hepburn (eds). 2014.

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“International trade rules, agricultural production and trade patterns”. In Trade and Sustainable Land Management in Drylands. 2007.

Selected articles:

Food for all: why better nutrition is a collective task”. Díaz-Bonilla and Hepburn. Thomson Reuters Foundation, 21 January 2017.


Ending Hunger: Why governments need to transform trade too. Hepburn and Bellmann. In Financial Express, 25 Sept 2015

Eliminer la faim dans le monde, au-delà des beaux principes. Hepburn and Bellmann. In Le Temps, 1 Oct 2015

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