Rene Vossenaar

Independent Consultant

René Vossenaar formerly worked with UNCTAD as Head of the Trade, Environment and Development Branch. After his retirement in March 2005, he has occasionally worked as an independent consultant. He prepared several studies for ICTSD on linkages between the deployment of climate-friendly technologies and international trade, in particular on the renewable-energy supply, buildings and transport sector. He also contributed a paper on climate-related single-use environmental goods. Before joining UNCTAD, he worked for the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Brasilia. Following his retirement he lives in Brasilia, but he spends part of the European Summer in the Geneva area.

Bridges news

22 апреля 2017
Как экономикам-участницам АТЭС удалось провести снижение тарифов на экологические товары? Какие подходы они применили для выделения товаров, имеющих экологическую направленность? Автор описывает опыт АТЭС, который может использоваться в других переговорах по либерализации тарифов. В последние годы...