Penny Bamber

Senior Researcher, Duke University Center on Globalization, Governance and Competitiveness

Penny Bamber is a Senior Researcher at the Duke University CGGC. Penny’s research and consulting focus is on economic development and competitiveness in developing countries, with a particular interest in the role of workforce development and gender in supporting industry upgrading. Key industry foci include the agricultural sector, the medical devices industry, and the offshore services industry. She has led several projects related to improving national competitiveness in both high tech and low tech sectors for developing countries, such as Burundi, Costa Rica, and the Philippines amongst others. Publications include Connecting Local Producers to Regional and Global Value Chains (OECD, 2013), Global Value Chains, Economic Upgrading and Gender: The Horticulture Industry (World Bank, 2013), Costa Rica in the Medical Devices Global Value Chain: Opportunities for Upgrading(COMEX, 2013), and the Inclusion of Small and Medium Producers in High Value Agro Chains (Inter-American Development Bank, 2013). In addition, Penny has led trainings in the use and application of the GVC framework for industry representatives and policy makers in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Bridges news

6 марта 2017
Отсутствие равных возможностей у женщин и мужчин для участия в ГЦС препятствует эффективному экономическому развитию стран. Авторы статьи предлагают ряд мер, нацеленных на учет гендерных аспектов при разработке правительственной политики, в частности в отношении торговли и доступа к ГЦС...